Unexpected Consequences of One Year in College

Going into college I understood that my life would change, that I would meet some pretty awesome people, and that school would be different. Everyone experiences college a little differently, and everyone has different take aways. Here are some some things that have changed in my life since starting college that I wasn’t expecting.

1. I eat way more salads. Take that freshman fifteen!
2. I have less awareness of time. I’m pretty sure college is supposed to help with time management but whatever.
3. The quote, “you get out what you put in” pretty much sums up college. Academically, the classes I put more work into than other students, I received both a better grade and was able to personally develop through the work done.
4. I binge watched my first show on Netflix. Let me tell you, it didn’t feel good. At the same time though, I don’t entirely regret it. I mean I wouldn’t watch Friends again, but it was good!
5. I actually spend money on food. Before college my motto was that less money spent on food means more money could be spent on clothes. Now I have way more opportunities to buy food than shop for clothes, sadly. On the other hand, spending money on food means spending time with friends which is always great!
6. I miss working. Yes, money only disappears now.
7. I can actually spend alone time with myself, and enjoy it. Benefit of having a roommate who moved out.
 8. You don’t actually want summer to come because that means that you will have to leave your college friends. The irony of the whole thing is that summer is way longer as a college student than as a high schooler.
9. Tea, tea, and more tea. I learned that I like earl grey (just a fun fact).
Looking back on this list, it looks like what I really care about is food. While the typical college student becomes addicted to coffee and ramen, it doesn’t look like I have taken that path so far. Let’s hope I keep it up!