The beginning

So I came home, I started working again, met up with friends, and spent time with my family. I got into the routine of being home, and I loved it. Memorial Day was like the calm before the storm. I spent the day with family and had a blast playing games and meeting up with family friends. The rest of the week though was filled with lots of planning and meeting with people before I left. One of my XU friends came to my house on Saturday and while it was so nice to see a familiar college face, it was such a weird experience too. I watched as she said bye to her Dad and brother, and then the next day she watched me do the same with my family.

On Sunday all three of the XU kids and I met up in Cincy and we had dinner with friends who have gone on STP previously. The weather was beautiful on Sunday and we walked downtown enjoying the weather and each other’s company. Monday we drove to Atlanta and stayed in a church just outside the city. It was the first time we met all the STP members and, honestly, I didn’t feel ready for it. Tuesday morning we woke up around 6 to start our last leg of the trip. As we started driving closer and closer to St. Petersburg, the reality started to set in. I became nervous but was so thankful I had friends who had decided to go on this journey with me. We drove through the entrance of the college and realized that we had no idea where to go. We had known that Eckerd College was our destination, and what dorm we were in, but we didn’t know how to get there or anything. It hit me that we were clueless and unprepared for this journey in so many different ways!

While thinking about this experience I had been looking forward to being challenged, now that it was about to happen, I wasn’t too excited. Honestly, I wanted to get on campus, find a beach, and hang out with just my XU friends for a little bit. That obviously didn’t happen, and instead once we found our dorm, we were greeted by new people and quickly we were unpacking the car and I was separated from my XU friends. My nerves just kept on increasing as I met new people and I really began to process what I had signed myself up for this summer. And surprisingly, the thing I had been looking forward to, working at a new job this summer, soon became the thing I was looking forward to the least.

After different orientation stuff, we had some worship time. While at first worship was pretty awkward because we didn’t really know each other, I didn’t know all the songs, and we were singing on the floor of a classroom, I was soon calmed down by all of our praising voices. During this time, the verse of “The Greatness of Our God” really stuck out to me-

Give me grace to see

Beyond this moment here

To believe that there

Is nothing left to fear

So while, yes, I am still freaking out for my job interview coming up soon, and there are more than 100 things I wish I could change right now, I know that through all these things, I can put my trust in God. Seems pretty easy, right? Well I have my job interview soon, so I will let you know how it goes!


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